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What happens when a father who is on the brink of divorcing his son discovers that he also wants to end his relationship with his mother. The father isn’t content with the success of his daughter, he wants to be free from his annoying spouse.

Director Raj Mehta says that love can become a drain in both love and arranged marriages if it is not nurtured with respect. Ironically, these two elements seem to be missing from his treatment of the subject in a large portion. Although there are some scenes that give hope that the film will tell something new, it only scratches the surface of male entitlements and chauvinism to the point that they almost become normalized.

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Jugjugg Jeeyo 8xmovies Review (2022)

The writers have made the bitter pill more palatable by adding so much situational humor to the film. It isn’t enough that the film is set largely in Patiala. Maneish Paul is always the first to appear onscreen. Someone has to shout “Munda” (boy) from the background. It is difficult to take the characters seriously because of the comic treatment. The film’s second half is where it finds its voice. It is when the mother and daughter-in law discuss their experiences with marriage.

The rest of the story is a shambles. Perhaps the creators don’t believe in their audience and have added comic background sounds to distract from the main story about dysfunctional relationships. They nudge the Karan Johar universe in the Punjabi family ever-so lightly. While once men were bonded over wine, women can now cheer for each other. That’s progress!

It’s a team effort by the actors. Varun Dhawan is a skilled prototype of a “tubelight”, as Kukoo describes him towards the end. Kukoo is the type of guy who hides his heart beneath his six-pack and needs a few Patiala pegs in order to lighten his brain. Kukoo is married to Naina, his childhood love (Kiara Advani), but his fragile male self flickers when his wife climbs the career ladder and he has to go to a nightclub. His male entitlement is shaken by her success, making him feel less secure and a part of the relationship.

Kukoo (Anil Kapoor), Kukoo’s father, is unable to break the news to Bhim Saini. Bhim says that he is considering separation from Geeta (Neetu Kaoor), his mother who he describes as a “vegetarian lioness” and that Meera(Tisca Chopra), a maths instructor, has brought back romance into his life. The story spirals into a series tragicomic situations. Some of them are natural, while others are forced to keep it light and fluffy. Bhim introduces Kukoo and Meera to this scene.

Meera was reduced to a single-note character in an effort to make Geeta shine. We don’t get to see what she saw in Bhim or why Bhim became so attracted to her. It is clear that the film is not about the hormonal surge. However, the film doesn’t have the space to address the patriarchy that percolated in their families through their wives and sister Ginny(Prajakta Sharma).

Despite some limitations in his characterisation, Anil Kapoor remains the heartbeat of the film. He once again surpasses the script to keep the audience engaged. The film’s highlights are its comic chemistry between Varun and Anil Kapoor. Neetu Kapoor is back and shines in her brief screen time. One of the most memorable scenes may be a reflection of her real life. Kiara is a woman who doesn’t know how to make her marriage work. Maneish Paul adds humor with his comic timing.

The film, regardless of its box office success, doesn’t have enough legs to last a (a long time period) in public memory. It will only bring out a few warm laughs and spark animated conversation at the dinner table.

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